Support Our Initiatives

The CLA has trialled a range of initiatives to see what would yield the best results in terms of attracting, recruiting and retaining early childhood and school age care educators in its pilot towns of Moranbah and Dysart in central Queensland.

The international recruitment campaign that we started in February has by far shown the most promising results! 78 early childhood teachers or diploma-qualified educators from around the world are willing and prepared to come and live in Moranbah and Dysart. The CLA now just needs the money and the accommodation to help them settle here.

Empowering Regional Communities Through Childcare: The CLA Story

When these educators start arriving we will immediately see and feel the change – more children will have the ability to attend an early childhood or school hours care service, which means great experiences for them, and opportunities to work and study for their families.

The CLA, and the early childhood and school age care services, need financial support to enable the above to become a reality! Services need to be able to fund the cost of hiring and housing international educators, and the CLA needs to be able to continue to develop, trial and implement strategies such as this one.

Email the team at if you think you can offer assistance and help ensure that regional communities not only survive, but thrive!