🧐Did you know that Queensland is one of only two states in Australia (the other being Tasmania), where more people live outside of a capital city area than in it?📣

According to the 2021 census, more than half of our 5.2 million Queenslanders live outside the Greater Brisbane area.

Our unique, decentralised population means we are reliant on country Queensland communities for a strong and competitive economy. But these communities face challenges not seen in city areas – such as access to allied health services, education, employment, and business opportunities; along with supply chain issues, digital connectivity, and even housing.

Early learning and childcare services are vital to keep these communities thriving – these services allow families to fully participate in local economies, and give children fair access to the quality early learning that sets them up for school and life. And yet, families continue to face a shortage of services and qualified educators and teachers.

A state like Queensland needs a much greater focus on – and investment in – country communities.

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