A few years ago, my husband and I packed our bags, booked our flights and moved overseas! It was an amazing experience and one I will never forget. We spent some time travelling around Europe and then settled in the UK. 

We found a small apartment in the centre of Bristol and learnt how to catch the bus. My husband applied for hundreds of jobs and ended up working for the local council in their call centre. I worked as a relief/supply teacher in schools and early childhood services. I did some short-term cover contracts (6 weeks) but mostly did day to day supply. This would mean that each morning I would wake up, call my agency, and find out where I would be sent! It was a very stretching time professionally but I loved the challenge. 

I would highly recommend a working holiday for anyone. For me that was overseas, but for you, it could be rural Queensland! 

When you are travelling you get to visit new places and have amazing experiences, but there is only so much you can see when you’re there for a few nights or a week. Playing tourist is great fun but it can get old after a while. 

Moving somewhere for work is different, you gain a whole new perspective. When you live there you really get to know the place, the people and the culture. It is a real chance to invest yourself in a new home and make amazing connections. It helps you grow up and experience new things.

When you settle in one place you gain a much deeper understanding of the people and culture around you. You gradually become a local and learn the best places to get a coffee or head out for a fun evening. You learn where to buy groceries (which might look different from what you’re used to!) and find new clothes stores you love. You even get to travel but from a local’s perspective! 

Living and working in a new culture teaches you a lot of resilience! I had to depend on myself in a way I never had before, I grew emotionally and matured in my time living overseas. I had to learn how to navigate a new public transport system, learn about the schools and early learning services, and deal with living in a different climate! I was away from my support network of friends and family and had to build new relationships in a new environment. 

I have so many happy memories of my time living and working overseas. Most of these are around the amazing friendships and connections I made. We still keep in touch with many of our UK friends and hope to go back and visit them in the next few years. 

I love talking about our working holiday and always recommend it to people as a great life experience. So instead of heading for chilly Europe like I did, why not move to sunny Queensland! 

Written by Emma Thomas