If you’re a parent living and working in regional towns like Moranbah and Dysart, and you have young children, chances are your work has been adversely impacted by the childcare challenges being experienced in country Queensland communities.

In 2021, BMA commissioned a study of the early learning and care sector in Bowen Basin communities in central Queensland. The report’s authors spoke to early learning providers, families and community members.

After speaking to parents, the report found: ‘All of those who are attempting to combine employment and care for their children told us that there simply are not enough childcare places.’😢

Some of the key issues impacting access to childcare in these regional communities included a lack of childcare services, resulting in extensive wait lists or having to drive daily to other communities. There’s also a lack of flexibility for those who work long hours or shift work.

This is part of the reason why projects like the CLA are so important – if we can’t increase the provision of quality care and early learning services, families miss out on income and children miss out on vital early learning experiences.

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