Promoting the Critical Role of Early Learning Educators and Teachers in Regional Communities


Childcare services are more than just babysitting. They are an essential component of our local communities, supporting parents’ ability to participate in the workforce and maintaining the success of local businesses. This is Our Childcare, is an initiative formed by the Childcare Leadership Alliance, aiming to promote awareness of the pivotal role that childcare plays in supporting the functioning and economic prosperity of regional communities.

At the recent Launch of the Childcare Leadership Alliance, the CLA’s Board Chair, Melissa Westcott shared “I started a small local business and because of the access I had to childcare I’ve been able to create jobs for 47 women over the last ten years in Moranbah, all of which have been return to the workforce mums.”.

Research also shows that more than 80% of a child’s brain development occurs by the time they turn five. Access to quality early learning and education can directly contribute to a child’s developmental and lifelong educational outcomes, setting them up for success in the workforce and beyond.

Melissa Westcott, Local Business Owner and Chair of the CLA Board speaks at the CLA Launch Event in Dysart, April 2023.

Show your support with a TIOC Sticker

To increase awareness for the essential contribution childcare makes to the local community, This is Our Childcare encourages locals to display a ‘This is our Childcare’ sticker on their car or in their shop window. By doing so, they can help increase visibility and elevate the profile of childcare services within the community.

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Local Business Rewards

In addition to increasing awareness, This is Our Childcare will establish a local rewards programto link early learning educators and teachers to local businesses to access offers and assist with the cost of everyday expenses. By creating these connections, This is Our Childcare aims to strengthen the bond between educators, businesses, and the community.

“What we need you to do is if you can take a sticker, put it in your shop window, put it on your car, put it up you’ll see them at the childcare centers and the kindergartens around town.” says Melissa Comerford, Project Manager of the Childcare Leadership Alliance, “So that our educators feel as though they can start a conversation with you, and know that this is a place where they feel valued, that they know they’re going to get the recognition and the respect that they so dearly deserve. We would also invite any business owners, if you could, to be able to support them with our campaign, which is a little bit like discount for our childcare workers.”

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Join us in promoting the critical role of early learning educators and teachers in our communities.


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