Mick Thomas


CLA Role: Board Member

Mick is the General Manager of BMA’s Broadmeadow Mine in Queensland where my role is to create a safe and productive work environment where engagement, inclusion and diversity thrive. I take an active interest and role in the issues that directly affect our people, including childcare, and I am a member of BHP’s Inclusion and Diversity Council.

Mick strongly believes in ensuring that everyone has a positive experience at work and has the right environment to perform at their best. For that reason, he is a strong supporter for issues such as childcare, inclusion and diversity, housing and others that are imperative to enabling a strong, diverse and effective workforce.

Mick is also married with two children and enjoys travelling.

“Through this role with the Childcare Leadership Alliance, I look forward to unpacking the local issues associated with childcare access and availability and to working on ways where industry can support the sector to provide this essential service for all of community.