Why do childcare services need to close rooms or reduce spaces when staff call in sick? The simple answer is child-to-educator ratios.

These ratios were brought in as part of the uplift in quality standards over the past decade, and are proven to be a key part of ensuring quality, safe childcare and in building trusting relationships between children and educators.

But in country areas in particular, there is a much greater struggle to attract and retain early learning professionals, which leads to places not being available.

The ratios differ between age group, setting, and – in some cases – states and territories. For example:
✔ in a typical early learning centre, there must be one qualified educator for every five toddlers (1:5)
✔ in a family day care environment, there is a ratio of 1:7, with a maximum of four children preschool age or under
✔ in outside of school hours care (OSHC), it’s typically 1:15.

Being able to attract, retain, and support educators in country Queensland is vital to providing critical early learning and care services that children and families need to thrive.

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