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Care to Lead

Leadership Development Program for the Early Childhood Education and Care Sector

Grow your leadership journey in Early Childhood Education and Care

Welcome to Care to Lead, the exclusive 6-month leadership program designed to build your leadership impact within the dynamic Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) sector.

Whether you’re an accomplished leader or an emerging talent, Care to Lead offers an immersive experience that merges cutting-edge leadership theory with practical design thinking methodologies. Our comprehensive approach ensures you not only grasp leadership concepts but also translate them into impactful actions.

Why Care to Lead?

In the world of Early Childhood Education and Care, leadership isn’t just about managing tasks; it’s about nurturing the minds of tomorrow and fostering the growth of young learners. Care to Lead opens doors to a multitude of opportunities and benefits that align with your aspirations and passion.

Building Leaders in ECEC

Career Advancement

For those aspiring to leadership roles like Service Managers, Assistant Service Managers or Education Leaders, Care to Lead provides the necessary skills to grow your career with confidence

Skill Enhancement

Leadership programs enhance communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, and team management skills. These are crucial for effectively leading educators and for engaging with parents and the community.

Professional Recognition

Completing Care to Lead boosts your professional credentials, showcasing you as a capable and qualified leader within your field.

Impact on Children

We know you have a deep passion for children’s well-being and growth. Care to Lead empowers you to create an even more positive and effective learning environment, leaving a lasting impact on children’s development.

Professional Growth

Beyond professional growth, Care to Lead fosters your personal development through self-assessment, emotional intelligence, and increased confidence—equipping you to lead authentically and effectively.

Networking Opportunities

Forge valuable connections with professionals from diverse locations, building networks that provide ongoing support and collaboration throughout your journey.

What the Program Includes

Care to Lead spans 6 transformative months, guiding you through a blend of face-to-face workshops and online masterclasses.

Workshop One (November 24 & 25 2023, Mackay QLD): Dive into the foundational principles of leadership. Explore leadership styles, assess your personal leadership style, and discover your impact as a leader. You will also delve into design thinking and along with a group of peers embark on a project that will benefit your service and your community.

Online Masterclasses (5 monthly calls): Benefit from expert-led masterclasses, or project check-ins and subject matter expertise. You will receive guidance and support, fostering a collaborative environment.

Workshop Two (TBD June 2024): Present your project prototypes, reflect on your leadership journey, and delve into the concept of leadership branding.

The Care to Lead program is free for pilot sites within the Childcare Leadership Alliance. If you are outside of this region, Early Bird registration offers an exclusive opportunity to secure your attendance at a reduced fee of $1897. This offer will be available from 01 September 2023 – 30 September 2023.

Care to Lead program fees $3600.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Elevate your leadership skills to drive improvements across ECEC in your region.
  • Enhance child development through advanced care and education techniques.
  • Cultivate innovative problem-solving skills and community engagement strategies.
  • Establish a collaborative network of childcare leaders for ongoing support.
  • Leave a positive impact on your community through effective leadership and excellence in early childhood education and care.

Empower your Leadership Journey

Care to Lead is your gateway to harnessing your leadership potential, tailored to the unique landscape of ECEC. Propel your growth, make a mark on the future, and lead with passion and purpose.

Ready to lead the way? Enrol now and embark on a transformative journey with Care to Lead.

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I have more questions – who can I send them to?2024-04-12T09:58:50+10:00
I want to register for the next session – where can I do that?2024-04-12T09:58:34+10:00

Email and let them know you wish to register for the next session of Care to Lead.

Do I have to do anything outside of the sessions?2024-04-12T09:58:21+10:00

We will be encouraging all participants to plan and implement a small project or piece of work in their service.  This will give you the chance to practise the skills and topics we are exploring, and to seek support and advice from the other participants about what you are trying and experiencing in real life. Essentially we want to support everyone to be able to put the theory and ideas we engage with, into practice.  However, we are all adults and this won’t be checked on – you will get out what you put into the program. 

What topics will you be covering?2024-04-12T09:58:00+10:00

We will cover a range of topics, including the difference between a leader and a manager, what it means to be a great leader, and communication.  We will also be seeking topic ideas and discussion points from attendees – this program aims to be a co-collaboration between us all.

What if I register and then can’t end up attending the live session?2024-04-12T09:57:45+10:00

No worries! Just let us know and then watch the recording that we will send to you.

Do I need to apply to attend?2024-04-12T09:57:29+10:00

No! You can just register and turn up!

Do I need to have attended previous sessions to attend Care to Lead now?2024-04-12T09:57:10+10:00

No, you can join us at any time! We do however strongly recommend you engage with the previous recordings to gain an understanding of what we have explored so far.

Contact us

Have more questions? Feel free to reach out. We’re here to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about joining Care to Lead.

Your journey towards empowered leadership starts with your questions.